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Which Twins Muay Thai gloves should I choose?

Twins Muay Thai gloves

Twins Muay Thai gloves are popular because they offer great protection, are lightweight and have excellent padding balance, needed for sparring and high-speed combinations.

However, if you’ve spent time exploring Twins Muay Thai gloves options, you’ll know you have a lot of choices. That’s a good thing in some ways, but it can also make it more challenging to know which option to go for.

Fortunately, this blog post can help. We run through the leading products from the brand to help you make a more informed decision.

BGVL3 Gloves

twins muay thai gloves

Twins designs the BGVL3 Gloves for maximum hand and wrist protection during training. These Twins Muay Thai gloves come with thick padding and an attached thumb design to reduce the risk of injury.

Many Muay Thai practitioners see these as all-round gloves ideal for use on bags, pads and sparring. Consequently, they are a great addition to your kit if you only want one set of gloves.

The quality is also high. These long-lasting gloves have a Velcro wrist strap for a snug, comfortable fit and are made from high-grade, fatigue-resistant Thai leather. Available in seventeen colours, they are a clear contender for your money.

BGVL6 Gloves

twins muay thai gloves

If you want something with even more protection, you might want to go for Twins’ BGVL6 gloves. These impressive pieces of kit have a lengthier cuff than BGVL3, giving you maximum hand and wrist protection.

Like other Muay Thai practitioners, you can use the BGVL6 gloves on bags, pads and during sparring. Twins equip them with extra padding around the knuckles for improved finger protection and more padding at the rear of the glove for additional wrist support when blocking kicks.

Like the BGVL3, these Twins Muay Thai gloves come with a Velcro wrist strap and are made in high-grade, fatigue-resistant Thai leather. Available colours include black, white, olive, and red.

BGVLA2- 2T Gloves

BGVLA2- 2T gloves are another popular option among Muay Thai enthusiasts who love to train hard. These gloves incorporate Twins’ Air-Flow technology, which includes a breathable mesh on the palms for superior ventilation. Even after an hour of pounding on pads and bags, these gloves manage to keep your hands drier than other gloves.

The style is attractive, too. Based on the classic BGVL3 configuration, Twins equips the gloves with a custom-made four-panel, 2-Tone design with opposing colours on the back and front. The wrist strap is also bi-tonal with a velcro strap for a safe, comfortable fit.

Again, Twins designs the BGVLA2- 2T gloves for maximum hand and wrist protection. Thick material protects you when throwing punches and blocking kicks. Like the other gloves in the range, the attached thumb design improves safety and protects against injuries with the gloves available in black, white, red and olive.

FBGVDM3-TW6 Gloves

If you are vegan or want an alternative to leather, consider Twins’ FBGVDM3-TW6 gloves. The brand constructs these from high-quality synthetic leather for extreme performance and durability.

Like other premium gloves in the range, they pack velcro fastening straps for maximum hand and wrist protection and an attached thumb design for enhanced safety. Velcro makes the wrist strap easy to secure for a comfortable fit every time.

These gloves are handmade in Thailand, and the quality shines through in the final product. Careful design and a memorable “Twins” logo instantly make these gloves a hit. Get them in green, olive, pink and grey.

Patterned gloves

Finally, you might want to explore various patterned glove designs if you want to stand out in the gym. These innovative and artistic products are a little different from the classic designs discussed above but come with many of the same innovations and safety-promoting technologies.

For instance, patterned gloves have the same Twins maximum hand and wrist protection, making them suitable for intense sparring, bags, and pad training sessions. You also get an attached thumb design to protect against injuries and the obligatory Velcro wrist strap for a tight, secure fit. All options are made in Thailand from high-grade leather.

Designs include:

  • Nagas – a fearsome coiling serpent with sharp teeth
  • Flying Dragon – a classic image of an Eastern-style dragon
  • Red Skull – multiple visions of red and white laughing skulls
  • Kabuki – a depiction of elite martial arts combatants
  • Candy – fun pink-themed gloves
  • Barong – gloves depicting the mythical barong, a lion with a red head covered in thick fur

So, there you have it: our favourite Twins Muay Thai gloves. Which are you going to choose? If you are still unsure, contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable team.  


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