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Muay Thai Shin Guards

muay thai shin guards

Muay Thai shin guards are designed to give you the protection that you need for Muay Thai. High-impact kicks are a core component of this combat sport, making it a priority to protect the shins, ankles, and other parts of the legs. To provide this essential protection, shin guards designed for Muay Thai have thick padding down the centre and a padded foot area that helps to prevent breaks when landing kicks. At Fightshop Direct, we have a range of Muay Thai shin guards in both leather and synthetic leather to meet your needs and your budget.

muay thai shin guards

How do you know what size Muay Thai shin guards to get?

Choosing the correct size for your shin guards is essential if you want the right protection. If they’re too big or too small, they won’t do their job. Shin guards are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, so selecting the right size is important.

When choosing the right size, you usually want to go by the length of your shin. If you have a soft tape measure, you can use that to get an exact measurement. A ruler and piece of string can be used too.

You can also select your size based on your height, which can be handy as a general guide. For example, if you are under 5’8″, medium will often work for you. Large is more suitable for people up to 6 foot, while anyone over that height might require an extra-large.

However, it’s best to measure your shin length and take a look at the size guide for any product that you’re interested in. Your foot length is also important, so take a measurement for that too. When measuring your shin, start from the centre of your knee and measure down to the top of your ankle. Make sure your tape measure is pulled tight to get an accurate measurement. Measure in centimetres for more accuracy and to match up your measurements with our size guides.

Different products have different measurements. For example, Fairtex SP7 Black Twister Detachable Shin Pads go from a small size, which is for a 31.5cm shin length and 12.5cm foot length, up to an XL, which is for a 35.5cm shin length and 14cm foot length. Meanwhile, the Twins SGS10 Black Double Padded Shin Pads start at a 34cm shin length and 14cm foot length in a small size, and go to an XL 41cm shin length and 18cm foot length.

Measuring will give you a good idea of what size you need.

muay thai shin guards

How should Muay Thai shin guards fit?

To make sure you get the right size, you also need to know how they should fit comfortably and so that they provide the protection you need.

Your shin guards should be snug around your shins and calf, but they shouldn’t restrict movement. They should cover your entire shin from the top of your foot to below your knee to give full protection. It’s crucial that they don’t slide around during training, so they shouldn’t be loose, but they also shouldn’t pinch or be too tight. Your shin guards should sit just below your knee to provide enough coverage for your shins without restricting your movement. Leave about an inch of space below your knee for a comfortable fit.

How do you take care of Muay Thai shin guards?

Take care of your shin guards, and they’ll last much longer. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to keep them in good condition so you can keep wearing them. Wipe them down after each use to get rid of any sweat on the inside and dust and dirt on the outside. Disinfecting wipes can give them a more thorough clean and keep them hygienic. You can just let them air dry.

Store your shin guards safely too, so they’re protected when you’re not using them. You might want a bag specifically to store your shin guards, which will also make them easier to carry around. However, it’s best not to leave them together with sweaty clothes in your gym bag.

Shin guards give you the protection you need when you’re practising Muay Thai. Fightshop Direct can help you find the right size and fit for you with our range of shin guards designed for Muay Thai performance.


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