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Muay Thai glove sizes guide

muay thai glove sizes guide

Read our Muay Thai glove sizes guide to help you choose the best glove size for you.

Muay Thai glove sizes guide

Whether you’re just starting in Muay Thai or you’re a seasoned professional, you must wear the right gloves. After all, this can prevent injuries by absorbing the impact training has on your hands and wrists. Furthermore, they work to keep both you and your sparring partner safe!

However, with many different types of Muay Thai Gloves available, it can be hard to know which pair is right for you, especially when it comes to sizing. This guide will talk you through the process of choosing the right size of Muay Thai Gloves!

muay thai glove sizes guide

How do you know which size Muay Thai Gloves to buy?

The most common sizes of Muay Thai Gloves are:

As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the gloves are, the more protection they offer, as they feature more padding. There are two factors to consider when choosing Muay Thai Gloves:

  • Your skill level
  • Your weight

Muay Thai Gloves for Beginners

When you’re first starting in Muay Thai, you’ll learn the basic techniques by participating in shadow boxing and heavy bag and pad work. During this time, you should use 10oz or 12oz gloves. They will provide you with suitable protection without feeling overly heavy or bulky. In short, they’re a great ‘starter’ pair of gloves!

Muay Thai Gloves for Sparring

When you begin sparring against other opponents, investing in heavier, bulkier gloves such as 14oz or 16oz gloves may be necessary. This is because they provide a more thorough level of protection to the user and their sparring partner.

However, it is also important to note that most people own at least two pairs of gloves. In these cases, the lighter pair will be used for general technique practice, bag work, and pad work.

Before purchasing sparring gloves, check in with your gym or trainer to see if they’d recommend a particular weight or size. This is because some gyms have set rules and regulations regarding glove size when sparring to prioritise all participants’ safety.

Muay Thai Gloves for Heavier Adults

Heavier adults may require heavier gloves than lighter or smaller adults. This is because their strikes may carry more force, and gloves work to lessen the impact of this strike on the opponent, reducing the chances of them getting injured during the fight. In these cases, it’s best to opt for the 16oz Muay Thai Gloves.

Factors to consider when choosing Muay Thai Gloves

Our Muay Thai glove sizes guide is not the only important factor to consider when choosing your next pair of Muay Thai Gloves.

For example, you must ensure that your choice of gloves provides adequate wrist support – otherwise, you may be relying on improper technique or putting yourself at risk of injury. Furthermore, while gloves should be snug fit, they should not feel too tight, especially if you’re already wearing hand wraps. After all, it’s crucial that you feel as comfortable as possible when training!

Muay Thai Gloves can be made from a wide range of materials, though leather tends to be the most popular option. This is because it’s a highly durable material, meaning your gloves will stand the test of time. However, we also offer synthetic leather and microfibre gloves for those who want to avoid wearing real leather.

Of course, your style also plays a role when choosing which Muay Thai Gloves you’d like to wear. For example, you may want to pick out a pair in your favourite colour or one that matches your other gym wear! We have a wide range of styles available within our store, in shades of blue, red or black. If you want something bolder or eye-catching, you could pick out some patterned Muay Thai Gloves, such as this pair which features a  Feng Shui-inspired design.

Remember: Speak To Your Trainer First

Before buying a pair of gloves from our store, it’s essential to consult with your trainer. After all, they’ll understand your skill level better than anyone, which means they’ll be able to provide you with sizing advice while also ensuring you keeping up with the requirements of their club.

Each manufacturer also have their own size guides so also have a look at these to help you choose the best size for you. We have the manufacturer size guides on every glove page.


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