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How to Choose the Right Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

How to Choose the Right Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai, the “Art of Eight Limbs,” is a dynamic striking art with a rich history. While its roots lie in Thailand, Muay Thai has become increasingly popular around the world, with a thriving scene right here in the UK.

This powerful and versatile martial art demands a lot from its practitioners, but when it comes to protecting your hands and maximising your performance, the right pair of Muay Thai gloves is essential. FightShop Direct offers a wide range of Muay Thai gloves to suit all levels – Here’s how to pick the perfect pair for you:

A Brief History of Muay Thai in the UK:

The influence of Muay Thai began to seep into British martial arts in the early 20th century. This period saw the adoption of boxing rings and gloves, which helped shape the Muay Thai we see today. Over the decades, Muay Thai schools and gyms have flourished across the UK, producing a growing community of dedicated practitioners.

Finding the Right Fit:

Size: Muay Thai gloves are sized in ounces (oz) and denote padding thickness. Generally, lighter gloves (10-14oz) offer better manoeuvrability for technical drills and pad work, while heavier gloves (16oz) prioritise protection during sparring.

Hand Size: Measure the circumference of your hand (excluding the thumb) and consult the size chart provided by each brand. A snug but comfortable fit is key.

Muay Thai Gloves for Your Needs:

Beginners: For those starting Muay Thai, a versatile 12oz-14oz glove is ideal. Look for gloves with good padding and comfortable wrist support. FightShop Direct offers a variety of beginner-friendly options from reputable brands.

Advanced Practitioners: As your skills progress, consider a dedicated pair of gloves for different training aspects. Lighter gloves are perfect for pad work and technical training, while heavier gloves ensure maximum protection during sparring. FightShop Direct boasts a premium selection that caters to advanced training needs.

Competition: For competitive Muay Thai, regulation 16oz gloves made from high-quality materials are a must. Look for brands known for their fight-ready construction.

FightShop Direct: Your One-Stop Shop for Muay Thai Gloves

No matter your skill level, FightShop Direct has the perfect Muay Thai gloves to elevate your training and help you connect with the rich history of this martial art in the UK. We offer:

Top Brands: Browse through our range of gloves from brands including Top King, Sandee, Fairtex and Twins.

Variety of Styles: Choose from a large range of designs and colours to suit you.

Durable Materials: Select from genuine leather for superior comfort and breathability, or high-quality synthetic leather for a budget-friendly option.

Fight Like a Champion, Train Like One:

Invest in the right equipment and train with confidence. View our range of Muay Thai Boxing Gloves today and explore our extensive collection. Rest assured, the perfect pair awaits to unleash your inner champion!


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